Jewelry Repair

Nelly’s&Co offers many types of professional jewelry repair. Time and care is put into every piece to insure the best quality. Years of jewelry making experience allows us to repair any kind of jewelry to meet or exceed the standards of the original piece. 

Ring Sizing

Purchasing the perfect ring requires the correct sizing and comfort. Nelly’s&Co offers sizing with any type of metal such as gold, platinum, silver and titanium. Our expert jewelers professionally adjust your ring to the perfect fit. We offer several options and methods to size the ring to obtain it’s comfort and beauty. 

Jewelry Appraisal

When purchasing any type of jewelry it’s important to get it appraised. Our professional gemologists can complete an appraisal for you which will include the description of the item, an estimated retail value and details stating the quality and weight of the stones. We sell GIA inscribed diamonds with GIA certificates for any type of diamond and quality. Our GIA certified employees can make the process of purchasing a diamond an easy and learning experience. 

Stone Replacement

Diamonds and gemstones can fall out of the settings for multiple reasons. When that does occur Nelly’s&Co can replace and the stone. Our jewelers will set it to insure this issue won't happen again. 

Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry is valued and designed to last a lifetime, however it does collect dirt and oils from wearing it over the years dull its appearance. Our jewelers here at Nelly’s&Co can polish and rhodium your jewelry to bring it back to life. After a careful cleaning your item is restored to it original shine and beauty, making it look just like new. 


Jewelry can be sentimental, and you can make it more personalized to your liking by having us engrave a phrase, name, date or symbol of your choice. We offer different fonts & styles and this can be done to any piece of jewelry. 

GIA Certification

Every diamond is unique with its own characteristics and that is what makes each one special. When a gemstone is graded by the GIA no one can dispute the characteristics of the it. The GIA is the most trusted and recognized gemstone grading laboratory in the world, which is why we offer their services to our customers. We offer a wide range GIA certified gemstone as well as a service to submit your gemstone for grading.  

​Recreate your Jewelry/ Redesign

Nellys&Co. specializes in custom creations. Provide us with a description of your dream creation and we will create your custom dream piece. We can turn your vision into a reality by creating a custom made piece from scratch. Our jewelry making experience and your design ideas come together to create the unique piece you dreamt of. The design is developed using CAD and is put together and polished by hand. No matter what, we will work with to get it perfect.